Purchasing Enquires

Product Name Honeycomb
PLU Number 10618
Nature Of Packaging Small plain white box
Case Fill ROI (Republic of Ireland) 10 – 15 kg catch weight
UK 11 – 15kg catch weight
Packaging Information Packing as picture neatly in rows
Presentation of this product is important
Use By Dates 2 years from pack date
Date Information Required On Label Kill Date / Pack Date / Freeze Date / Job Number / Plant of Slaughter & Cutting / Origin
Butchery Information Cut in “MASK/POUCH” shape.
Washed at 65 degrees in first machine for 8 mins
Polished in 2nd machine at 85 degrees for 6 mins
These time and temperatures are a guide only and will vary in different plants
Cooled in water and hung on racks or placed on tables to cool before packing